“ There was only one Chi Po-lin; but perhaps, everyone can be Chi Po-lin their own ways. ”



In 2013, Chi Po-lin amazed all Taiwanese with "Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE", the first aerial documentary directed and filmed by him. The masterpiece opened people’s eyes and ignited initiatives for environmental conservation. In the early summer of 2017, Chi shouldered this mission once again, and embarked on a journey propelled by his love for the land and insistence in his ideal to produce "Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE II". With an international vision this time, he hoped to establish Taiwan’s connection with the world with this new project.

However, a mere couple of days after the press conference launching the project, Chi passed away in a helicopter crash while filming in the air. The accident took away the Taiwanese aerial photography master from us, leaving behind his unfulfilled ambition. We have forever lost Chi Po-lin, the one and only in this world. While the sorrow and tears of losing Chi never end, we still remember his unfinished mission.

Consequently, to continue Chi’s dream, we have founded the Chi Po-lin Foundation to inherit his legacy and carry on with his vocation so that his spirit can take a deeper root and flourish in Taiwan.

Since its establishment, the Chi Po-lin Foundation has become Chi’s eyes to ceaselessly watch over our homeland so that the influence of his belief can expand throughout the world, and we can all become protectors of Taiwan. We look forward to your participation and support to keep Director Chi’s lifelong dream forever in flight!


  • 2018.02.21

    The Chi Po-lin Foundation is registered and founded.


  • 2018.06.08

    Press conference for the establishment of the Chi Po-lin Foundation.


  • 2018.06.18

    Forum: Has the Sorrow of Our Land Ended After Chi Po-lin Is Gone?

  • 2018.12.27

    Launching the project of building the Chi Po-lin Museum.


  • 2019.04.22

    Inauguration of the Chi Po-lin Museum and the press conference of the inaugural exhibition – View Above Mountains.


  • 2019.09.20

    Forum: Chi Po-lin’s Reminders—Reflection and Hope at the 20th Anniversary of the 1999 Jiji Earthquake.


  • 2019.12.28

    Inauguration of the public art, “Light.Mountain,” at the Chi Po-lin Museum.


  • 2019.12.28

    Press conference and talk of the photography album – In Focus: Chi Po-lin.

  • 2020.07.19

    End of the inaugural exhibition of the Chi Po-lin Museum – View Above Mountain.


  • 2020.08.07

    Opening of Above the Coast, and the naming press conference and ceremony of asteroid “281068 Chipolin.”


  • 2020.08.14

    Launching “Environment Taiwan – Environmental Education Campus Outreach Program.”

  • 2020.10.07

    Launching “FamilyMart x Chi Po-lin Foundation: Spare Change Donation Project.”


  • 2020.11.02

    Launching the project, “Chi Po-lin Museum.Environmental Education Camp.”


  • 2020.11.12

    Awarded a grant from the Taiwan Creative Content Agency TAICCA for the “Chi Po-lin Aerial Image Database Construction Project.”

  • 2020.11.14

    Launching the talk series, “FamilyMart x Chi Po-lin Foundation: Our Land Our Story.”

  • 2020.12.25

    Publishing the 4K film – Beyond Beauty Taiwan 2.0.


  • 2021.03.03

    Launching the project, “FamilyMart x Chi Po-lin Foundation: Little Chi Po-lin.Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE School Public Screening”


  • 2021.04.22

    Earth Day – Restore Our Taiwan Online Photography Exhibition


  • 2021.04.24

    “FamilyMart x Chi Po-lin Foundation: Seeing Taiwan” beach cleaning talk and open-air cinema.

  • 2021.09.13

    End of the inaugural exhibition, Above the Coast, at the Chi Po-lin Museum.


  • 2021.10.08

    Opening press conference of Reflection of Rivers at the Chi Po-lin Museum.


  • 2021.12.09

    Launching the open call for the “Chi Po-lin Environmental Documentary Award.”


  • 2022.04.22

    New version of “iTaiwan8 – Taiwan Aerial Photography Database” launched.