Environmental Education

Planting seeds of environmental protection for a sustainable home.

Education is a century-long plan for a nation, and it is especially so when it comes to environmental education.

When we indulge ourselves in the convenience and affluence afforded by economic developments, we have ignored the fact that we are depleting the environmental assets of the next generation and forgetting to teach our children the way to co-exist with the earth.

At the Chi Po-lin Foundation, it is our firm belief that environmental education is the root of treating nature with kindness. Furthermore, using Chi Po-lin’s image works to tell the stories of the earth is the best way to promote and raise awareness of environmental education. When children start to feel for nature through “seeing,” Taiwan begins to see the hope of sustainability in the next generation.

With the Chi Po-lin Museum as our headquarter, we design environmental education programs suitable for all ages, and usher more people into the museum, where they can truly see and understand this land called Taiwan. Meanwhile, we also bring the director’s work and teaching materials derived therefrom into schools, transforming the Foundation into a teachers’ partner in environmental education. By bringing Chi’s images to children, we provide the next generation his height and vision, and plant the seeds of safeguarding our homeland.

Environmental Education Projects

  • Environmental Education Base Camp

    As the only aerial photography base in Taiwan, the Chi Po-lin Museum not only offers informative exhibitions and guided tours, but also provides a series of diversely educational programs for children and students of different ages, serving as the most ideal environmental education base for the young generation to explore and understand this island we call home.

    Sponsored by FamilyMart’s spare change donation, the Chi Po-lin Museum.Environmental Education Base Camp project will engage 10,000 students in the learning experience provided at the museum in five years, and offer more children the chance to witness Taiwan’s beauty and wounds. By getting to know this land they grew up on, children develop a stronger sense of identity and empathy for our homeland, and the seed of a more sustainable and greener Taiwan in the future is planted.

  • Public Screening of Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE

    “I want all 23 millions of people to see what I have seen!” This is Director Chi’s biggest wish when he filmed Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABVOE. With the five-year support of Family Mart’s spare change donation, the dream is finally continued in the form of free public screenings and talks in schools.

    Since 2021, 92 sessions of public screenings in schools have taken place annually. Through Chi’s lens and from a never-experienced height and angle, the children have a chance to re-learn about Taiwan, the home that seems familiar but strange to them at the same time. Meanwhile, the screenings are paired with talks by environmental educators in schools to help children navigate environmental issues derived from the documentary, providing deeper thoughts in the viewing and converting them into actions for protecting the environment."

  • FamilyMart x Chi Po-lin Foundation: Our Land Our Story Talk Series

    The documentary, Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE, initiated a dialogue between Taiwanese people and the earth. Launched in November 2020, the FamilyMart x Chi Po-lin Foundation: Our Land Our Story talk series continues with Director Chi’s aerial images and the mission of environmental education to twenty-two cities and counties, entering countless neighborhoods and communities in Taiwan while bridging the gap between the public and environmental education.

    Supported by FamilyMart, the talk series uses the network of the convenient chain stores throughout Taiwan to bring the director’s vision embodied by his aerial photography into the real locations of every story about this land. Moreover, the project invites speakers specializing in different aspects of Taiwan’s environment to give talks, connecting local viewpoints and fostering dialogues locally.

  • Environment Taiwan – Environmental Education Campus Outreach Program

    Using image storytelling, children feel connected to the earth through “seeing.” This is the one of the best ways to promote environmental education. We combine Chi Po-lin’s aerial images with professional environmental education to develop and bring teaching plans and materials into schools, transforming ourselves into a partner of environmental education for all teachers.

    With the support of Chenbro and Chen-Source, the Environment Taiwan” project collaborates with the AAEON Foundation. Starting with Yulin as a demonstration point, the project employs the means of digital teaching materials, thematic exhibitions, ambassadors of the environmental education outreach program, and many other diverse and interactive forms of guidance to bring children’s vision beyond enclosed classrooms and cities for fostering a new sensibility to the earth.

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