The one and only aerial image base.
Let the island’s stories continue on and on.

Continue the beauty of Taiwan.
Realize environmental education.

“The works that Chi Po-lin spent twenty-five years and risked his life to make must be seen and continue to move the hearts of people living on this land.” It is such a belief that propels the Chi Po-lin Foundation and moves 8,052 contributors to generously support the establishment of the Foundation. Therefore, on the Earth Day (April 22) of 2019, the highly anticipated Chi Po-lin Museum, housed by the rear building of Douglas Lapraik & Co., was inaugurated.

Bringing together more then 600,000 invaluable image works by Director Chi, the Chi Po-lin Museum tells the stories about the land of Taiwan through thematic and curatorial exhibitions, while collaborating with Taiwanese and foreign image creators, who concentrate on ecological and environmental subjects. Through exchanges and dialogues, we have consistently conveyed and spread the true meaning of environmental friendliness and care for life. By doing so, the Chi Po-lin Museum has become an image base and dream-building platform of “the stories of Taiwan.”

The Chi Po-lin Museum cordially invites all to visit us on the Tamsui Old Street to re-connect with Taiwan through the director’s aerial view and listen to every heart-touching story behind every work.



I give people images that carry weight, but also images that makes us feel proud. I hope they remind us : What kind of future would we choose to have?

Chi Po-lin

The lush and beautiful island of Taiwan,
Shaped over a million years by the constant collision of tectonic plates,
Eventually breaking through the sea to form land.
Thousands of years ago, humans also set foot.

In this environment, we fumble,
Gathering, hunting, and farming.
Leaning on mountains, facing the sea, along rivers, by lakes,
Listening to the wind, basking in the sun, receiving the rain.
Migrating and settling, we establish our homes.

The richness of this island,
Nourishes our daily life,
Bearing the capricious changes of nature,
Shaping our everyday existence.

Yet our understanding of nature is limited,
And we greedily demand more.
Building dykes and fighting for land, we scar the earth.
The force of its backlash is devastating.

We build layers of protection,
Hoping to stabilize our homeland,
Lost in the arrogance of man conquering nature,
Our defense gradually turns into destruction.
Repeated catastrophic disasters,
Awaken us to return to respecting nature.

Learning to breathe with the mountains and the sea,
Learning to accommodate occasional dangers,
The environment heals, along with mountains, seas, forests,
Demonstrating our intertwined resilience with our island.

"RESILIENT ISLAND" trailer|Theme

The island, with its powerful mountains, seas, and forests,
displays a resilience
that seeks to humanity a respectful alliance
a treaty that lets us all thrive with promise.

And to face our own ongoing narrative
amidst the escalating challenges of climate change,
we must learn to be humble and resilient
and carry on the story of Taiwan.


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