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Passing down the legacy and continuing helping more people to see more.

Propelled by a sense of mission and his passion, Chi Po-lin left his post as a public servant, and dived into the making of aerial documentary films. Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE, the aerial film which Chi made with relentless labor and dedication, became the best-selling documentary in the Taiwan cinematic history. The film awakens both the public and private sectors to take the initiative for mending the wounded earth, and launches waves of actions for safeguarding our homeland.

During the marketing campaign for Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE, Chi traveled around the world, and saw that environmental protection was a universal issue. So, he had the idea of making a sequel to Beyond Beauty, and planned to extend the scope to outside Taiwan. Unfortunately, on the second day after the press conference of the new project, Chi passed away in a helicopter crash while filming in Hualien, and forever became the caring eyes from above.

It is our deepest sorrow to have lost the director, but his bright, optimistic and positive attitude has never stopped reminding us that it is time to wipe away our tears and start anew!

Although we might not to be able to find another Chi Po-lin in a short time, the mission of “seeing Taiwan and safeguarding our homeland” cannot stop. The Foundation has been utilizing the precious materials left by Chi to continue producing image works, while raising funds to engage more documentary filmmakers in continuing Chi’s vocation of documenting Taiwan’s environment through their own viewpoints and ways of caring for the earth. With more and more works inheriting the legacy of Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE, the mission of environmental documentation will never end.

Continue to See Taiwan from Above Projects

  • The Beyond Beauty Taiwan Film Series

    In 2013, Chi Po-lin led us to witness the beauty of Taiwan with his masterpiece, Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE, which consolidated our determination to safeguard our homeland.

    The Chi Po-Lin Foundation is adamant in continuing the power of the film to not only utilize the valuable materials left by the director, but also to consistently carry out visual documentation of Taiwan via the creation of documentary short films. Inheriting the mission to showing Taiwan’s beauty to the world, we hope that more people will see Taiwan and improve increasingly this land and environment that Chi Po-lin and all of us cherish dearly.

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