In Search of the Next Chi Po-lin

Nurturing more environment-caring eyes for Taiwan.

In 2003, Chi Po-lin was awarded the grant of the 1st Johnnie Walker – The Keep Walking Fund. This encouragement kindled the courage of the public servant, giving him the power to dream and nurture his aspiration of making aerial photography. A decade later, the dream grew into the masterpiece, Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE, which took the breath of the world away.

To dream needs the support of others. Having a thorough understanding of hardships involved in making environmental photography and documentary, we are willing to play a dream-supporting role to nurture the next and many more heroes like Chi Po-lin for Taiwan.

To achieve this goal, we have launched the project of Finding the Next Chi Po-lin, and set up a fund to support the making of environmental documentary in the name of Chi Po-lin. The endeavor encourages the creation of environmental documentary by young directors, and passes down the spirit of Director Chi to speak up for the earth and the environment so that all Taiwan can continue to be seen by all.

We believe that the environment can only be seen through continuous documentation, problems be consistently uncovered, and actions for change be taken persistently.

In Search of the Next Chi Po-lin Projects

  • The Chi Po-Lin Documentary Award

    Although Chi Po-lin is no longer with us, the change of our environment has never stopped for one second, nor have the destructions and problems encountered by the earth. Therefore, documenting the environment and raising people’s awareness about environmental issues via images should and could not stop, either.

    For this reason, the Foundation has collaborated with the New Taipei City Documentary Film Award since 2022, and established the Chi Po-lin Environmental Documentary Award, which aims to encourage and is awarded to works featuring environmental themes about Taiwan. Selected proposals will receive a grant of US$ 10,000 as the seed funding for documentary film production, as well as counseling for film creation and assistance to marketing campaign. It is hoped that the establishment of the award can accompany environmental documentary filmmakers on their journeys to realize their dreams, and enable more people to see the stories of this island called Taiwan.

Support our environmental education program.
Let the hopeful seeds of sustainable homeland germinate and grow.